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Dread Again! The Best Horror Sequels

Sometimes sequels suffer from high expectations and little payoff but some horror sequels live up to their original by providing something fresh to the franchise.

Top 5 TV Shows Based On Movies

These days, it might seem like you can't turn on your television without being met with a TV series adaptation of, or prequel to, a well-known movie. We are currently in a golden age of original television programming. But the lure of a recognised brand being transferred from the big screen to the small screen…

5 Villains We Want Batfleck To Face In His Solo DCEU Movies

What villains, other than Deathstroke, would we like to see menace Batman in his DCEU movies? These are our top six picks. Oh, and we've been careful to (mostly) avoid using villains who have been seen battling Batman on the big screen before.